Ted Linczak - Keynote Speaker

Ted Linczak - Keynote Speaker

Be Inspired By A Leader in Our Industry

Join us as PPA Master Photographer, Ted Linczak, kicks off our conference with words of wisdom, advice and inspiration!   

View more of Ted's work at https://www.nuvoimages.com/

Twig & Olive

Twig & Olive

SPEAKER: Doug Weittenhiller

All About Families | Creating Beautiful Sessions within Your Brand

All About Families covers everything about children and family photography!

Topics include:

-coaching your clients on how to dress for your brand, attracting and keeping the clients you want

-first year plans, sales and how to upsell your newborn clients into first year packages.


Photographing Families | Creating an Interactive Experience

Stuck in a shooting rut? Gone are the days of boring cookie cutter family portrait sessions in front of a boring backdrop. Shoot alongside us as we photograph a family utilizing an “unposed” style. Watch as we interact with our clients and make family photography easy and fun.


See more from Twig and Olive on their website at www.twigandolive.com

Lori and Jeff Poole

Lori and Jeff Poole


Understanding Print Competition
Image competition is designed to help photographers learn and grow by receiving trained, unbiased critique of their images. But sometimes it can seem a bit mysterious. Are you confused by image competition? Feel like you don’t understand what the judges are talking about, or why they give the scores they do?
Join Jeff and Lori as we decipher all of image competition’s hidden mysteries, including:
- What makes a good competition image // Understanding the 12 Elements
- The difference between a competition image and a saleable image // green merits
- What scores mean and how judges choose their scores
- Translating judgespeak
- The differences between submitting a digital versus printed image, and how to prepare for each
- Preparing your best images throughout the year
- Getting critiques of your candidate images
- Recognizing proper category placement
- Titles: Do they matter?
- Following submission guidelines
- Use of composites and workshop images
If you’re looking to improve your competition performance, or even if you just want to learn new tools to improve your photography, this course is for you.
See more of the work of Jeff and Lori at www.IndigoSilverStudio.com
Pete Rezac

Pete Rezac


Film - What's Old is New Again

This program covers how I have  been steadily reintroducing film into  my everyday work flow over the past few years. Many photographers will tell you that the experience with portrait studio is one of the main ways to separate yourself from the competition.  I too believe in that school of thought, and working with the 4x5 and soon 8x10 view cameras provide that unique experience along with the various medium format cameras I use to create my work as well.  “Imagine having your picture created with the same camera that once photographed Marilyn  Monroe?”  Now that’s an experience and a story to think about.  I will discuss the various equipment I used to creat  my film based images from the types of cameras (that can still be  had fo very little investment) to how I process my film at home and then scan for retouching and sending to the lab for printing.  I answer the questions about cost, blinks, how to establish  exposure, and all questions regarding silver based photography.  I explain how working with film has made me a better photographer, show results of competition images that were shot on  film and ultimately landed in the PPA Loan Collection.  There is a renewed interest in working with analog amongst many creative disciplines and we are seeing a resurgence in the craft of photography as well.  This is a lecture type program aimed to answer questions and inspire organization members who may be interested in adding silver based photography back into their tool kit and looking for a different experience to provide their clients as well as themselves  as a photographer.  Each time I’ve offered this class it has been completely filled seating.  This lecture class is roughly a 2 hour program, and I am in the works in developing a multi-day workshop where we shoot one day, then process, scan, and digitally print the following day.

Black and White Children's Portraits

We will go into how I consult with my clients prior to our Children's Character Portrait Session.  What I’m after and the “Authenticity” that we need in order to make these type of pictures to really shine.  The clothing, the  dirt, the  expression, and  the  props.  We’ll then go into how we produce the portraits including how I light them, what I’ve found to be good working exposures, the poses that work well, and how many shots I try to make.  These portraits are also about efficiency.  Finally, we’ll go into the post production that I do to finish these images along with sizes I offer to clients.  These are commissioned portraits rather than volume sessions.  Questions: It's my goal to leave you prepared to start producing these as soon as you are ready.  The great thing about in person education is being able to ask questions.  So please don’t be afraid to ask - it’s the best way we can all learn! 
See more of the work of Pete at www.PeteRezacPhotography.com